Lazarou – the history of the company

Mister Lazarou learned how to trade and negotiate early on and soon found excitement in combining his profound experiences with the outstanding quality of his products. This lead to the foundation of “Bus-Center Lazarou” based in Gratkorn in 1991. At first, the newly established company focused on selling used buses, but managed to expand its network throughout the entire European area after only a short amount of time. This way, a new target audience and group of buyers could be established. Since a lot of customers showed great interest in the company, founder and owner Georgios Lazarou, aspired to expand his business even further and began a partnership and cooperation with the Spanish –based coachbuilder Noge in 1997. This collaboration allowed Lazarou to sell both used and new omnibuses. At this point, Noge had been entirely unknown in the Austrian bus market, but within a short time of collaborating with Lazarou, it managed to bring more than 120 Noge-buses to the Austrian streets.

The corporate philosophy, in addition to remaining competitive, is to respond to the operator’s needs and interests. Lazarou is a market-oriented and customer-focused company. Thus, it is constantly making efforts to use and implement latest research and development findings in terms of technology and road safety in the global bus and coach building industry. This allows the company to respond more efficiently to individual customer demands. To ensure the vehicles’ timely maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, the company is equipped with a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. The product range currently contains spare parts from a variety of manufactures, including Noge, Staco and Cobra, and can be distributed at any time. Thanks to a constant expansion, the Bus-Center Lazarou has access to a sales area of 10,000 m².

Another point of focus and interest lies in the tank truck sector, in which Lazarou has achieved several distributions in domestic and international operations already. In general, Lazarou offers omnibuses and trucks of all kinds. The remarkably extensive range of products also includes batch mixers, concrete pumps, tankers, construction machines, vans and trailers. From 19- to 80-seater omnibuses with luxury equipment from Spain and Turkey, to completely new tankers, a variety of products can be provided. An additional customer-advantage can be found in our Bus-Center Lazarou “Sale & Cash-Purchase” which includes used omnibuses for all different purposes.